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Setting Up the Premium WordFence Security Plugin

Like most Premium WordPress security solutions, WordFence is out there as a free plugin on the plugin repository. you’ll always upgrade to the premium version for extra features and support,

Advanced Premium WordFence security measures

The most prominent advanced feature that Premium WordFence Security offers is that the WAF, or Web Application Firewall. you’ll find this feature, unsurprisingly, under the WordFence – Firewall menu option.

This is a number of the important power of Premium WordFence Security, especially for free of charge users. The WAF allows you to set what proportion of your site’s resources are often employed by crawlers and other robots and scripts round the web. this suggests protection from scripts that are potentially installed before you’ll scan (from malware) or maybe some sites that focus on WordPress servers for brute force attacks.

You can also block entire IP ranges from accessing your site. As you’ll see within the image above, WordFence can handle this automatically, as well. The plugin caught these IPs and blocked them on its own.

You can dig deeper and set whitelists, blacklists, services which may crawl the location , and set specific rules in situ on your own to stay your site confined a bit like you would like it.

Premium WordFence security measures

Premium WordFence Security does offer many benefits over the free version. However, typical users (bloggers, content creators, small ecommerce shops, etc.) might not have need for them. except for those that do, they’re priceless. Or, technically

For what you get, that’s a drop by the bucket compared to the lost person-hours, revenue, page rank, and social capital that a security compromise can cost you.

But what does one get from Premium WordFence Security? First of all, you get real-time updates. this suggests that while free users get them when the plugin is updated (which remains often), premium subscribers get them in real-time as WordFence can lookout of them. As malware, non-trustworthy IPs, and other vulnerabilities are reviewed and glued , WordFence protects your site from them. Immediately.

Additionally, Premium WordFence Security monitors your site’s reputation on known databases of compromised and dangerous sites. and that they also offer premium users country blocking. That service kicks in as soon as a malicious attack is discovered in order that your site is roofed . They boast that their reaction time is 1/300,000th of a second. that quantity of your time is just about unfathomably fast.

Premium Support is well worth the price alone, if you ask us. once you need support due to a security issue on your WordPress site, having priority for your ticket are often a site-saver.

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